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Vehicle Conversions

We are looking to help shed some light on the vast array of options available when constructing your conversion vehicle.

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Law Enforcement

Posted By adam

Law Enforcement Conversion Vehicles Emergency-Vehcile-Conversions-lights-and-sirens Police and law enforcement professionals who are in the market for a conversion vehicle need to evaluate their options. Their mission specific vehicles are constructed based on the missi

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Battalion Chief Conversions

Posted By adam

Battalion Chief Conversions Emergency Conversions Battalion Chief Conversions The battalion chief conversions can hold a wide variety of equipment and be used for many missions. These are versatile vehicles that are used every day for normal operations of a department a

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Fire Chief vehicle

Posted By adam

Fire Chief vehicle fire chief vehicle Fire chief vehicle vary across the country and around the world.  These custom emergency response specialty rescue vehicles can be used as an initial attack and scene evaluation vehicle.  The fire chief, deputy chief, or battalion

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Emergency Vehicle Conversion Options

What to look for in your emergency vehicle

Emergency Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics

Emergency Services Vehicle Graphics are used to identify your department, town or municipality to the public. They vehicle graphics should be simple to read, effective Lettering & Identification for the Jobs & missions they perform. Reflective materials are often used to allow the vehicle to be seen at night.

Fire Command Cabinet

Cabinet Systems

Emergency Vehicles can come with many types of Cabinet Systems to aid the emergency services personal in their mission. Consoles are in the front Cab and can be overhead consoles or standard consoles with radios and Computer Docking Stations. Command Cabinets are in the rear and sometimes have weapons lockers and command boears



Vehicle Sirens

Your Emergency Vehicle should be equipped with Emergency Sirens to alert the public that an Emergency Vehicle is coming and to get out of the way.


Emergency Vehicle Lights

Vehicle Lighting

Emergency Vehicles have all sorts of lighting options. They have Light bars, Mini-Lightbars, Dash, Deck and Visor Lights all which are aimed at serving to clear identify the emergency vehicle


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