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Fire & Rescue

Battalion Chief Conversions

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Battalion Chief Conversions

Emergency Conversions Battalion Chief Conversions

Emergency Conversions Battalion Chief Conversions

The battalion chief conversions can hold a wide variety of equipment and be used for many missions. These are versatile vehicles that are used every day for normal operations of a department as well as emergency response to calls. Depending on the department, these vehicles may be used more than the fire chief vehicle. Another name used for Battalion chief is district chief.

Battalion Chief Conversions Mission

The mission of the battalion chief conversions can be numerous.  They are used for first response to emergency scenes to evaluate what type of emergency response is needed from the department.  They can also be used for access to remote locations when an apparatus may have a hard time responding, as in for searches and brush fires or searches.

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Battalion Chief Vehicles

battalion chief vehicle

battalion chief vehicle

Battalion chief vehicles can be sedans, suvs, pickups, or utility trucks.  Depending on budget, equipment needed to carry, size of employees, and fuel used will help in the decision of what type of battalion chief conversions vehicle you will need.  If you are in a city and no not rely on carrying a lot of equipment, than a sedan should be able to handle your needs.  If you need more room or would like a command cabinet, then a suv will more suit your needs.  If you need the vehicle to be diesel powered, then you will not have a current choice for an American  suv yet.  A pickup truck battalion chief vehicle is used by many departments because of the heavy duty chassis, large vehicle to carry large people with gear on, and carry heavy equipment.  With a cap on the rear, the large bed of the truck can carry a variety of clean or dirty equipment.

Battalion Chief Lights

The battalion chief lights are dependent on the mission of the vehicle.  The vehicle can have a light bar or two on the roof depending on the size of the vehicle.  It could also have a traffic directional on the rear of the vehicle.  For the front of the vehicle, the battalion chief conversions could have head light leds or flashers, grill lights  and lights in the area of the fog lights.  For intersections the custom emergency response vehicle can have lights on the front and rear fenders as well as the running board area.  For the rear of the battalion chief vehicle there can be lights on the rear roof, in the rear windows, on the rear hatch and bumper, or in the rear tail lights.

Battalion Chief Equipment

Battalion chief equipment carried in the battalion chief conversions depends on the mission of the vehicle.  The vehicle could carry fire extinguishers, SCBA self contained breathing apparatus, thermal imaging camera, air gas meter, and command accountability boards.  Some of this equipment can be mounted in a custom command cabinet in the rear of the vehicle.

Battalion Chief Graphics

The battalion chief graphics are used to tell the pubic the use of the vehicle as well as for other fire fighters at an emergency scene to know where a ranking officer is located.  These graphics can be reflective on the sides or rear and include a rear chevron.

Fire Chief vehicle

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Fire Chief vehicle

fire chief vehicle

fire chief vehicle

Fire chief vehicle vary across the country and around the world.  These custom emergency response specialty rescue vehicles can be used as an initial attack and scene evaluation vehicle.  The fire chief, deputy chief, or battalion chief can operate this vehicle and be incident commander.  These vehicles can carry a wide array of equipment depending on the response of the vehicle.

Fire Chief Vehicle Mission

The fire chief vehicle mission is dependent on how the officer uses the vehicle.  Some fire departments will use this vehicle to carry the lead officer and his equipment to accomplish his job.  This could be to respond to emergencies, inspect and evaluate large incidents, be incident commander at large emergency responses.

Fire Chief Sedan

The fire chief sedan is a good choice for an agency emergency response vehicle for areas that don’t need to carry a lot of equipment, do not need to go off road, and are not used in snow and icy weather.  These fire chief vehicle are cost effective for the chassis as well as the fuel usage.

Fire Chief SUV

The fire chief SUV is an emergency response vehicle that is based on an SUV platform.  These custom specialty fire chief vehicle can carry more equipment than a sedan and can be used on more terrains.  These vehicles can hold a custom vehicle cabinet in the rear to organize your mission critical equipment.

Fire Chief Pickup

fire chief vehicle

fire chief vehicle

The fire chief pickup is good for an incident commander vehicle that needs to carry a lot of equipment.  This is a heavy duty rescue vehicle with a cap on the back can hold a lot of mission critical equipment as well as a command cabinet.

Fire Chief Utility

A fire chief utility is good for a fire chief that needs to carry a lot of equipment.  This vehicle can carry a wide range of equipment from extinguishers, SCBAs, extrication equipment, and other more technical equipment that would not fit in a pickup.

Fire Chief POV

The fire chief pov is a personally owned vehicle that is used by the fire chief to respond to emergency scenes.  This could be any type of vehicle that is used by the chief with at least one emergency light added to the vehicle.  This vehicle can have a light bar, head light and or tail light flashers, dash lights, grill lights, a traffic adviser, or a siren also installed in the vehicle.

Fire Chief vehicle equipment

When the fire chief vehicle equipment is chosen, it can vary depending on the use and needs of the department.  The carried equipment can be an mdt mobile laptop computer, scba, self contained breathing apparatus, thermal imaging camera and gas meter as well as PPE personal protective equipment like turn out bunker gear.

Fire Chief vehicle lights

For an emergency, fire chief vehicle lights can include a light bar, interior windshield light bar, grille lights, head light leds, head light wigwag flashers, intersection lights, fender lights, running board lights, dash light, as well as tail light flasher, trunk or hatch lights, and a command light on the roof.

Fire Marshal Conversion

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Fire Marshal Conversion

Fire marshal conversion are fire auxiliary vehicles used to supplement the fire response vehicles of the department.  These vehicles are used for the fire marshal to respond to fires for investigations as well as for responding to complaints of violations.  These arson investigation response vehicles need to be well built to handle long years of use and abuse with hard driving and long idle times.

Fire Marshal Mission

The mission of the fire marshal may include fire code enforcement, fire investigating cause or origin, building code inspections and fire code inspections.  The fire marshal conversion vehicle can be used for these fire marshal mission as well as an auxiliary vehicle for the fire department.

Fire Marshal Vehicles

Fire Marshal Conversion Specialists

Fire Marshal Conversion Specialists

The fire marshal vehicles can vary depending on area of response.  The vehicle could be a sedan, SUV, utility truck, or pickup truck.  The vehicle size for these emergency response vehicles will depend on what is needed to carry for the inspections and investigations.  Evidence cans and clean investigation tools can be carried easier in a larger vehicle if needed.  Larger versions in more busy locations can have an interview area in the vehicle for interrogations.

Emergency Lights

Fire marshal conversion emergency lights can include a light bar and traffic arrow on the roof.  In side the vehicle there can be windshield lights, dash lights or deck lights.  Perimeter lights can include grille lights, head light flashers, tail light flashers, running board lights, intersection lights, fender lights, and license plate lights.

Fire Marshal Equipment

The fire marshal equipment carried in the vehicle can vary for area.  This vehicle can carry an MDT mobile laptop computer, PPE fire personal protective equipment, turn out gear, bunker gear, forcible entry tools, evidence cans, flash lights, and other emergency equipment.

Fire Marshal Conversion Graphics

The fire Marshal Conversion Graphics would include the name of the agency, the title of the vehicle, as well as reflective graphics to help protect the vehicle while parked and the emergency warning lights are not flashing.

Emergency Services SUV Conversions

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Emergency Services SUV Conversions

Emergency Services SUV Conversions are a major sector in the Emergency Services Industry. In the past, sedans were the most common Law Enforcement Vehicle but lately with the raise of the Sports Utility Vehicle it has become much more common and almost every department in the country has an SUV in its fleet. When buying and SUV and upfitting it for Emergency Service it takes a professional Up-fitter and someone who understands the equipment list that goes into to creating an emergency services vehicle.

emergency services vehicle conversions

emergency services vehicle conversions

Types of Emergency Services SUV Conversions

There are many types of Emergency Services SUV conversions. Below is a list of just a few common mission that Sports Utility Vehicles are used when creating an Emergency Services Vehicle. Most Sports commercial Sports Utility Vehicles like Dodge Durango and Ford Explorers can be converted to Emergency Service Vehicles but there are some like the Ford Police Interceptor that are built specifically for the job of Law Enforcement.

  • Emergency Medical / Advanced Life Support
    • Patient Transport
  • Fire and Rescue
    • Fire Chief Vehicles
    • Battalion Chief Vehicles
    • Fire Investigation Vehicles
    • Water Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
    • Community Patrol
    • Highway Patrol
  • Crime Scene Investigations

Emergency Medical Vehicle Conversions

Emergency medical is slightly different fro the other service sectors with regards to the types of cabinet systems they need to perform their duty’s.  They need a place to store their equipment for all kinds of medical emergencies and many times have to transport patients and administer medications.  These require special cabinet systems that allow for the transport of patient and / or keep medication at a stable temperature.

Emergency Services / Law Enforcement Cabinets

Emergency Services and Law enforcement cabinets are usually thought of as cabinets being used by local police departments for emergency services, Sedan and SUV conversions. These cabinets range from a simple one drawer weapons locker to a full sized command cabinets. These cabinet systems can be used for many types of mission including Emergency Medical and Fire and Rescue. For Law Enforcement – they can used command boards and files draws but they also use weapons lockers.

Law Enforcement Weapons Lockers

Law Enforcement have to safely and securely transport weapons and ammunition and the best way to do that is with a weapons locker built specifically for the job. These types of drawer systems will only vary slightly depending on the particular vehicle it is going in. Most are full width of the back cab or trunk but these systems can be changed to store the weapons long ways when Some vehicles require a platform or mounting brackets when installing a cabinet and some vehicles do not.

A command cabinet system has many more components in it than a single drawer unit. A command cabinet system has a command board and plenty of storage for equipment and other incidentals. Some command cabinets can include a weapons drawer if the customer specs require such. The beauty of a cabinet system is that it can be as custom as you want or as simple and standard as you want.

Law Enforcment Vehicle Weapons Drawer

Law Enforcement Vehicle Weapons Drawer

Fire Rescue Vehicle Conversion

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Fire & Rescue Vehicle Conversion

Fire Command Cabinet

Fire Command Cabinet

There are many types of chassis that can be converted into Fire & Rescue Vehicles.    Below are just some of the types of specialty conversion vehicles that are used in the Fire and Rescue sector.  These vehicle can be Sports Utility, Sedan, Pickup Trucks, Sprinters or Utility vehicles. Getting the right vehicle for the mission is an important step in the emergency vehicle conversion process.

Fire & Rescue Vehicle Conversion Missions

Your fire and rescue vehicle can be used for many different uses.  The vehicle can be used for a fire chief conversion, Hazmat response vehicle, crash response vehicle, spill response vehicle, or collapse rescue.  These vehicles can be built on an SUV chassis, pickup chassis, utility body custom response vehicle, rescue body custom response vehicle, or a van fire & rescue vehicle conversion.

  • Fire chief’s car
  • Battalion Chiefs SUV
  • Command and Control
  • Special Utility Response vehicle
  • HAZMAT response vehicle
  • BIO Medical Response
  • Urban search and rescue
  • Water Rescue

…..just to name a few.

Fire & Rescue Cabinet System

Fire and Rescue SCBA Cabinet

Fire and Rescue SCBA Cabinet

Most fire and rescue vehicles will have some type of cabinet system in it. These systems can range anywhere from a small SCBA cabinet in a fire chief’s vehicle to a totally highly custom cabinet system in a fire truck. The most popular cabinet system is a fire command cabinet that has a command board for the chief in charge as well as plenty of space for equipment and gear. These command cabinets can be configured anyway you would like as long as it fits within the parameters of the vehicle it is going in. If you need more drawer space, drawers can be added to the open compartments. If you are tall and want the command board on the top of the cabinet, a custom cabinet manufacturer can provide this for you.

If you do not need a full sized command cabinet for your vehicle, a good alternative would be a SCBA cabinet. This cabinet provides space for turn out gear and a SCBA bracket plus extra storage for other equipment and items. This cabinet is only 24″ deep so it leaves plenty of space behind the cabinet for even more storage.

Fire and Rescue Cabinets

Fire and rescue cabinets come in all shapes and sizes depending on the emergency services SUV conversions vehicle it is going in and the purpose of the cabinet. Many fire chiefs like a cabinet that has a place to store turn out gear and oxygen bottles. This particular cabinet is called a SCBA cabinet and was designed with these two wants in mind. Click here for more info on fire and rescue cabinets.

Temperature Controlled Cabinets

Temperature Control Cabinet

Temperature Control Cabinet

Temperature control cabinets are very specific and are typically used by EMS personnel when they need to transport medications which need to be kept at a certain temperature during transit. A temperature control cabinet will usually be part of EMS cabinet system. A cabinet manufacturer will add a cooling/heating system, such as PharmGuard to an insulated compartment with a completely air tight door. Temperature control cabinets are explained further on another post (please click on link).

What are Temperature Control Cabinets for – and what they are not for

There is a lot of confusion as to what these system are for and what they are not for. When purchasing one of these systems its important that you understand that they are not a refrigerant and heating mechanism.  These are not refrigerator in the hot summer sun and heater isn’t the freezing winter months.

 They are For..

  • Maintaining temperature

They are not for…

  • For keeping things cold in a turned off vehicle in the hot sun
  • Keeping things hot in the dead of winter in a turned off vehicle

Emergency Medical Cabinets

There are several purposes for an emergency medical cabinet, therefore there are many types available. Two of the main purposes for an emergency cabinet is to transport a patient from a remote area where a conventional ambulance cannot drive to and to transport medications for victims in need. One of the most requested cabinet systems is a patient transport cabinet. This system has a flip out bed where a patient is secured during transit to an awaiting ambulance. There is plenty of storage space in this cabinet system where medications can be locked up and if necessary a temperature controlled compartment can be installed.

Patient Transport Cabinet

Patient Transport Cabinet

Temperature controlled cabinets

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Temperature controlled cabinets

There are many different systems of temperature controlled cabinets for emergency vehicles, but some are definitely better than others. We would like to go over some of these types and if you would like to chime in on these system we encourage you to do so. Some companies offer their own systems and some companies purchase kits for systems and build them into their own cabinet systems and others buy a completed system and add it to the cabinet system. No matter which way your emergency cabinet manufacturer gets a temperature control unit, they are all one of two types of systems.

  1. Solid State Systems
  2. Mechanical Systems

Solid state is used more in emergency medical industries and commercial industries.

Solid State Systems

Most emergency services cabinet manufacturers use the solid state cooling system to manage the temperature inside a cabinet system. This particular system uses a thermoelectric device which uses electrons to transfer heat instead using a compressor like in a mechanical system. The solid state system does not use any refrigerants and there are not moving parts. We have found many different companies that manufacture these cooling systems, but the one that we like the best is called PharmGuard®. This temperature control system is a solid state system for controlling the temperature of insulated medical cabinets mostly used by EMS for the storage of drugs. We found this system available at Pugs Cabinet Systems.


Mechanical Systems

A mechanical temperature control system is a system that controls temperature by

How do Temperature controlled cabinets Work


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