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Fire Marshal Conversion

Fire Marshal Conversion

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Fire Marshal Conversion

Fire marshal conversion are fire auxiliary vehicles used to supplement the fire response vehicles of the department.  These vehicles are used for the fire marshal to respond to fires for investigations as well as for responding to complaints of violations.  These arson investigation response vehicles need to be well built to handle long years of use and abuse with hard driving and long idle times.

Fire Marshal Mission

The mission of the fire marshal may include fire code enforcement, fire investigating cause or origin, building code inspections and fire code inspections.  The fire marshal conversion vehicle can be used for these fire marshal mission as well as an auxiliary vehicle for the fire department.

Fire Marshal Vehicles

Fire Marshal Conversion Specialists

Fire Marshal Conversion Specialists

The fire marshal vehicles can vary depending on area of response.  The vehicle could be a sedan, SUV, utility truck, or pickup truck.  The vehicle size for these emergency response vehicles will depend on what is needed to carry for the inspections and investigations.  Evidence cans and clean investigation tools can be carried easier in a larger vehicle if needed.  Larger versions in more busy locations can have an interview area in the vehicle for interrogations.

Emergency Lights

Fire marshal conversion emergency lights can include a light bar and traffic arrow on the roof.  In side the vehicle there can be windshield lights, dash lights or deck lights.  Perimeter lights can include grille lights, head light flashers, tail light flashers, running board lights, intersection lights, fender lights, and license plate lights.

Fire Marshal Equipment

The fire marshal equipment carried in the vehicle can vary for area.  This vehicle can carry an MDT mobile laptop computer, PPE fire personal protective equipment, turn out gear, bunker gear, forcible entry tools, evidence cans, flash lights, and other emergency equipment.

Fire Marshal Conversion Graphics

The fire Marshal Conversion Graphics would include the name of the agency, the title of the vehicle, as well as reflective graphics to help protect the vehicle while parked and the emergency warning lights are not flashing.


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