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Fire & Rescue

Fire & Rescue

Emergency Vehcile Conversions

Fire & Rescue Conversion Vehicles

Fire & Rescue professionals in the market for a conversion vehicle need to evaluate their options. Their mission specific vehicles are constructed based on Mission and Vehicle type. Mission can range from

Emergency Vehicle Cabinet Systems

Medical Emergency Temperature Control Cabinets

Medical Emergency Temperature Control Cabinets

Many vehicle manufactures install cabinet systems and several build their own cabinet systems and there are others that offer Turn Key Solutions that enable the buyer to purchase a complete Emergency Vehicle with one purchase. No one knows when the first Emergency Vehicle Cabinet systems was installed into a vehicle but the evolution began in Wharton New Jersey with a Vehicle manufacture and Emergency Service Vehicle up-fitter called Odyssey Specialty Vehicles.

  • Cabinet Systems: fire and rescue emergency vehicle cabinet systems are used in SUVs to hold and organize emergency response equipment like SCBA, fire gear, PPV, air monitoring equipment
  • Lights: Emergency vehicle lights are illuminated with halogen, strobe or LEDs lights.  Emergency vehicles use red, blue, and or white lighting depending on the area and what the local laws determine.
  • Sirens:  Emergency response vehicles use electronic or electric powered mechanical sirens.  These sirens can be mounted outside the front of the vehicle or behind the grill of the vehicle.
  • Radios:  Fire and Rescue radios are used to communicate between the dispatch center to the emergency responders.  The mobile radios installed in the vehicles can communicate with the hand held portable radios that are used for two-way communication.
  • Electrical:  Emergency vehicle electrical wiring harness needs to be installed in the vehicle to handle the auxiliary electrical equipment.  This equipment includes emergency lights, scene lighting, mobile radios, and chargers for portable radios, thermal imaging cameras, air meters, and hand lights.
  • Graphics:  Graphics for fire and rescue vehicles can be used to provide information to the public on the use of the vehicle.  These graphic should be durable and can be reflective for better illumination at night.  Emergency vehicle graphics help to designate and emergency response vehicle from regular civilian vehicles to law enforcement and to the public.

Types of Vehicle Chassis for Fire & Rescue Emergency Services

Sedan Fire Rescue Conversion

Sedan Fire Rescue Conversion

Sedans Vehicle Conversions:

Sedan Emergency Response Vehicles are four door car based automobiles to hold some emergency equipment, have communications radios mounted in a vehicle specific console, or a remote mic head two-way radio system. These vehicles are normally two wheeled drive but some can be all wheel drive.




Fire Rescue SUV Conversion

Fire Rescue SUV Conversion

SUV Conversions:

SUV or sport utility vehicles are used for many different functions in the fire and rescue emergency response vehicles.  They can be used as a fire chief vehicle, fire command vehicle, fire inspector vehicle, fire marshal vehicle.



Fire Rescue Utility Conversion

Fire Rescue Utility Conversion

Utility Vehicle Conversions:

Fire Utility Vehicles can be used with two door cab and chassis, extended cab and chassis or four door crew cab chassis with a utility box on the back for Fire & Rescue.  The utility box can be short or long wheel base and the utility box can be open like a pickup truck or it can be enclosed like a van.  These vehicles have exterior compartments with open or closed storage in the rear.  These vehicles can be used for auxiliary fire response vehicle,  hazmat response vehicle, auxiliary lighting vehicle, and rescue response vehicles.  These emergency response vehicles for fire and rescue can be used to transport people and equipment to and from and emergency scene.  Some equipment carried on these vehicles are lighting, generators, fire suppression equipment, SCBA and spare air bottles, extension cords, rescue equipment, salvage and overhaul equipment, decontamination equipment, kitty litter, absorption material for hazardous materials spills.  Fire response utility vehicle can be used to carry pump out equipment for flood rescue response and pump out



Fire Rescue Van Conversion

Fire Rescue Van Conversion

Van Conversions:

Vans used for fire and rescue response vehicles can be used to carry emergency response people, civilian transportation, or equipment in the cargo area.  Vans can also be finished and unfitted to be an emergency response mobile command post.  The Fire & Rescue vans can be used to carry tarps, fire suppression hose, generators, air equipment like SCBA, spare breathing bottles, rescue equipment, portable radios, food and drink replenishment, warming hut, mobile triage center,



Fire Rescue Pickup Conversion

Fire Rescue Pickup Conversion

Pickup Conversions:

Pickup trucks for Fire & Rescue are very useful for multiple functions in the fire and rescue service.  They can be used as a chief or battalion chief’s response vehicle.  They can be used as a




Fire Rescue ATV ORV UTV Conversion

Fire Rescue ATV ORV UTV Conversion

ORV Fire & Rescue Conversions:

Off Road vehicles like ATVs, all terrain vehicles, quads, off road utility vehicles can be fitted with mobile radios, emergency lights, scene lights, emergency equipment and tools for Fire & Rescue.  ORVs can be used for accessing remote locations with a smaller vehicle where ambulances and full size emergency response vehicle cannot reach.  These vehicles can be used for water suppression, to transport firefighters and forest fire fighters,



Types of Fire & Rescue Missions

Fire Inspector

Fire inspector vehicle can be used for daily operations to inspect business and residential structures for annual inspections as well as violation responses.  These Fire & Rescue vehicles can hold MDT laptop computers for processing reports and maintaining records.  These vehicles have graphics and lighting to make them recognizable to the public as a fire department vehicle. These vehicles may also have a custom cabinet in the rear of the vehicle to organize their equipment.


Fire Marshal Conversion

Fire Marshal vehicles may be set up as a police patrol vehicle depending on location and job responsibilities.  This would mean the vehicle may need a weapon storage locker or weapon storage cabinet, a prisoner partition, and a secure evidence storage solution.  If full law enforcement powers are not part of the duties, then the vehicle may be more like an auxiliary response fire vehicle that would need room to hold fire gear, a computer or tablet for processing paperwork, and an equipment storage cabinet to hold needed investigation and fire equipment to investigate fires.  These vehicles would have a center console to hold radios and a siren and light controller.  These vehicles would also have graphics and emergency lighting to respond to fires and to be able to park in non-designated parking areas and reduce the opportunities for collisions.

Fire Chief vehicles

The Fire Chief vehicles may vary from region as well as what the vehicle is called.  These names could include “fire chief’s car”, “chief unit”, “fly car”, “buggy”,  or “fly vehicle” just to name a few.  These vehicles would generally be used by the chief, or one of his designated officers like the Deputy Chief or Battalion chief.  The graphics on the vehicle would designate that the vehicle is the chief’s so at fire scenes it is easy to distinguish.  The lighting on the fire chief vehicle would have a light bar and some places even use a green light to designate the incident commander at the scene since it may be confusing with the red, blue, and/or white lights flashing at an emergency scene.


Fire Command

A fire command unit could be set up the same as the fire chief vehicle or it could be used more for organizing an event.  This vehicle would have less firefighting equipment on it, and more preplan equipment like accountability boards and charts, building layouts, as well as communication equipment like radios and binders with available equipment and contacts.  These vehicles would have a radio command console, emergency siren and emergency lighting, and possibly a green command light on the roof to indicate incident command station.  This vehicle may be a sedan, suv, pickup, utility truck, bus, box truck, or a rescue truck.


Battalion Chief

Battalion Chief vehicles would have emergency lights including a light bar, intersection lights, push bar, bold emergency graphics, scene lighting, personal firefighting equipment, winch, command accountability equipment, emergency radios and emergency communication equipment.  Emergency vehicles used for this can be response sedans, SUVs, pickups, utility trucks and emergency response vans.


Hazmat response vehicles and hazardous material apparatus can be a complex vehicle to plan.  You need to decide what equipment you need to carry : hazmat suits, radiation detector, pH meter, air sampling device, air monitoring equipment, computers, two-way radios, command center, portable lab, sinks, fume hood, mobile laboratory, containment booms, SCBAs, spare SCBA bottles, decontamination equipment, plastic tools, CCTV camera system on a mast, electric generator, smart board, electric reel, air reel, inverter, battery bank, pneumatic mast.  Some equipment that you can use both on your hazmat vehicle and fire engine or ladder truck is ladders, salvage tarps, and hose lines   Emergency response hazmat vehicles can be suvs, pickup trucks, vans, utility trucks, tractor trailer, rescue trucks, and box trucks.  Foam truck, foam task force vehicles


Extrication equipment, shoring equipment, lighting, hydraulic tools, pneumatic tools, air bottles, command accountability equipment, vehicle extrication, rope rescue, jaws of life, winch, rescue chair, proximity suit, thermal imaging camera,

Heavy Rescue

Trench rescue, collapsed structure rescue, tractor trailer crash, technical rescue, automotive collision, confined space rescue, wooden cribbing, cribbing materials, hi-jack hi-lift jacks, extended time rescue equipment, train derailment response equipment, cranes, leaking train car response,

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression vehicles can range from a forest fire size utility truck, quick response pumper fire engine, fire engine, deluge gun, quint, tender, wildland engine, wildland tender


Lighting vehicles and trailers bring light and generators to locations where power has be removed or more lighting need on outside of building or road.

Air Cascade

Air Cascade truck also known as a mobile air truck is a vehicle that can bring air and make compressed air that can be filtered for filling breathing air cylinders.  These emergency response vehicles are useful at incidents where firefighters need to continue to use compressed air for breathing for longer times then their initial attack using their air packs.  Incidents where a mobile air cascade  vehicle would be useful is hazmat response, larger fire suppression, search and rescue operations, salvage and overhaul operations.  These vehicles can also provide scene lighting and carry other equipment which can be fit into this vehicle.

Water Rescue

Swift water rescue, drowning, dive team, boats rescue response vehicle , inflatable boats, jet ski rescue response vehicle, and amphibious water rescue vehicle.  These water rescue vehicles are used to carry rescuers to victims and bring the victims to safety.  This can be during natural and man-made disasters where water rescues are needed with specialty rescue vehicles.

Ice Rescue

An Ice Rescue and response vehicle will have equipment meant for cold weather rescue.  Dive team, dry suit, wet suit, air bottles, warm blankets,

Off Road Rescue

Off road rescue response vehicle for remote area response on hilly and uneven terrain with washout, river beds, rocks, steep grades, emergency vehicle response.

Animal Rescue Unit

Animal rescue unit is for rescuing and servicing animal that have been lost, feral animals, or injured animals.  These animal rescue vehicles will have equipment to handle animals like snares and cages as well as animal medical equipment like non-rebreather masks sized for animals.  Animal wardens, animal control officers, animal control service and dog pound vehicles could also be serviced by this title.  A mobile veterinary response vehicle is another version of this type of animal response vehicle.

Water craft rescue and suppression vessels

Fire rescue watercraft can include fire rescue boats that are inflatable water rescue boats used for fire suppression and water rescue.  These suppression fire boats can supplement water to fire apparatus on land or can apply water to floating objects in the water like vessels and barges as well as fixed objects on land.

Airport Crash Rescue

Airport crash rescue vehicles are made with large wheels and hold a lot of water to be able to flow high volumes of water and foam onto the crashed or burning apparatus.  These vehicles need to be able to cross the grass areas in between the runways and move very quickly.

Fire Bike

A fire bike is a motorcycle emergency response vehicle used to get to fires in congested areas.  These fire suppression vehicles are used for extinguishing smaller fires before they get larger.  The operator will survey the scene to give dispatch an update of arriving status and will attempt to extinguish or knock down the fire upon arrival.  The equipment used would be pressurized dry chemical or foam.  The vehicle will have a small amount of extinguishing agent due to the limited amount of available space on the motorcycle.

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