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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Conversion Vehicles

Law Enforcement Conversion Vehicles

Law Enforcement Conversion Vehicles

Police Departments and Law Enforcement professionals need Law Enforcement looking into upfitting their fleet with Lights and Sirens, Radios and Communication networks.  Radion and Light controllers are cased in vehicle consoles and Weapons Lockers and Weapons Cabinet Systems can help enable them to do their job.

Technologically advance emergency vehicle cabinet systems with storage compartments and weapons lockers as well as network access. These are essential to most missions in today’s law enforcement environment and are a essential assets in any service vehicle.

Lt. Daily, NJ 2015

Law Enforcement Cabinet Systems

When you are looking for a conversion vehicle or to convert their vehicles to Law Enforcement Emergency Service Vehicles should take some things into consideration.  Each department has objectives and their departments and their emergency vehicles can be constructed based on Mission and Vehicle type. Mission can range from SWAT (Special Weapons Attack Team) to Patrol and Community outreach. Each mission requiring an unfitted vehicle.

What goes into upfitting and Emergency Vehicle?

law enforcement conversions

law enforcement conversions

When converting you’re standard vehicle into an Emergency Services Vehicle you need to take several major factors into consideration.

  1. What is your sector? Fire & Rescue, EMS, Law Enforcement or Commercial & Broadcast
  2. What is your mission? Community / Highway Patrol, Command & Control or Weapons Transport Cabinets
  3. What Vehicle are you choosing? Ford Police Interceptor, Dodge Durango, SUV or Sedan, Pickup, Utility, Sprinter or Van

Because each Emergency Service has it own specific needs and the mission within that service has its own requirements.

If you are Fire and Rescue or Emergency Medical you will have different criteria than if you are a Law Enforcement officer on a community patrol.  And if you are a Patrolman you will have different needs if you are Highway patrol.  If you are New Jersey State Police Highway Patrol you will have different criteria that if you are a Highway Patrol Officer in the southwest where the roads are straight and flat and high-speed pursuits can happen quickly and be intense.

What are the main options for upfitting your Emergency Vehicle

When it is time for you to up-fit your vehicle there are many things that can go into creating your final product. There are Lights & Sirens, Radios, Computers, Electrical, Graphics and many types of cabinet systems.  The choices are vast and you need to consider all of them when converting your emergency vehicle.

List of 6 Things that go into converting to an Emergency Vehicle

  1. Converting Your Emergency Vehicle

    Converting Your Emergency Vehicle

    Cabinet Systems: Law Enforcement Cabinet Systems can be front cab consoles which holds radios and controls for Lights and Sirens or Command Cabinet for Command and control situations.  Law Enforcement also have needs for Vehicle Weapons Lockers to safe store and transport their guns and riffles.

  2. Lights:Emergency Vehicle Lightbars, Mini-Lightbars, Deck & Grill Lights, Interior Windshield Lightbars, Running Board Lights, Under Mirror mounted lights – the list is very long and we intent to go over all your options when it come to upfitting your Emergency Vehicle with Lights.
  3. Sirens: Emergency Vehicle Sirens, Police, Fire and Law Enforcement Siren, Console Mount, Remote and Full Featured Emergency Vehicle Siren, Console Mount Sirens, Remote Sirens, Hand Held Sirens, electronic air horns, speakers and switch boxes
  4. Radios: Mobile Radios, Portable Radios, Pagers, Scanners and Emergency Radio Accessories.
  5. Electrical: When all the wiring gets done for you new conversion vehicle you will need some wiring and the best bet is to speak with your Emergency Services Specialist.
  6. Graphics: The graphics options can be Bold Reflective Vehicle Graphics to catch the eye or White on White or Black on Black – or even no graphics at all for the undercover officer.

Types of Vehicle Chassis for Law Enforcement

The chassis that your department decides upon in entirely up to you because Emergency Vehicles are converted using almost every type of vehicle there is.  Each vehicle can server a different purpose for the department.  Many fire officials use sedans as well as police captains and other law enforcement officials.

  • Sedans:
  • SUV:
  • Utility:
  • Van:
  • Pickup:

Types of Law Enforcement Missions

  • Community PatrolCommunity policing has risen quite a bit in the past decade and the reason is that it works.  Using a combination of Marked and Unmarked Police Vehicles can have a dramatic effect on a community’s safety – and feeling of safety.
  • Highway Patrol:
  • Undercover Patrol:
  • Undercover Investigations:
  • Crime Scene Investigations:
  • Bomb Squad:

Law Enforcement has many mission types and the vehicles are typically and essential part of the mission. They provide not just transportation but also communications and warning to the general public during an emergency. They can hold equipment or weapons… the options are vast and the choices are up to you and your department.

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