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Ford Interceptor Police Pursuit Vehicle

Ford Interceptor Police Pursuit Vehicle

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Ford Interceptor Emergency Medical SUVs

2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility & Sedan and Ford Police Interceptor Utility

The Ford Interceptor Utility Pursuit Vehicle is used by Public Safety and Homeland Security and Local Police . Emergency Medical SUVs can be upfitted using a For Interceptor
One Conversion Specialty, Mai Conversions Kenvil,
The PI Utility has been redesigned for efficiency. Door panel switches can lock and unlock all doors and rear lift gate, eliminating the overhead console lift gate unlock. The Power Distribution Lug has also been re-positioned to allow easier access for upfitting.
Key Features for 2017:
NIJ Level IV ballistic protection
Silent and engine idle features
Low-profile lighting options

NJ produces Police Vehicle Ford Interceptor Utility SUVs the Ford Interceptor Police Pursuit Vehicle. Vehicle conversions and up-fitting for For Police Interceptors cabinet system

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