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Battalion Chief Conversions – Fire and Rescue Vehicles for Fire Chiefs and battalion chiefs

Battalion Chief Conversions

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Battalion Chief Conversions

Emergency Conversions Battalion Chief Conversions

Emergency Conversions Battalion Chief Conversions

The battalion chief conversions can hold a wide variety of equipment and be used for many missions. These are versatile vehicles that are used every day for normal operations of a department as well as emergency response to calls. Depending on the department, these vehicles may be used more than the fire chief vehicle. Another name used for Battalion chief is district chief.

Battalion Chief Conversions Mission

The mission of the battalion chief conversions can be numerous.  They are used for first response to emergency scenes to evaluate what type of emergency response is needed from the department.  They can also be used for access to remote locations when an apparatus may have a hard time responding, as in for searches and brush fires or searches.

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Battalion Chief Vehicles

battalion chief vehicle

battalion chief vehicle

Battalion chief vehicles can be sedans, suvs, pickups, or utility trucks.  Depending on budget, equipment needed to carry, size of employees, and fuel used will help in the decision of what type of battalion chief conversions vehicle you will need.  If you are in a city and no not rely on carrying a lot of equipment, than a sedan should be able to handle your needs.  If you need more room or would like a command cabinet, then a suv will more suit your needs.  If you need the vehicle to be diesel powered, then you will not have a current choice for an American  suv yet.  A pickup truck battalion chief vehicle is used by many departments because of the heavy duty chassis, large vehicle to carry large people with gear on, and carry heavy equipment.  With a cap on the rear, the large bed of the truck can carry a variety of clean or dirty equipment.

Battalion Chief Lights

The battalion chief lights are dependent on the mission of the vehicle.  The vehicle can have a light bar or two on the roof depending on the size of the vehicle.  It could also have a traffic directional on the rear of the vehicle.  For the front of the vehicle, the battalion chief conversions could have head light leds or flashers, grill lights  and lights in the area of the fog lights.  For intersections the custom emergency response vehicle can have lights on the front and rear fenders as well as the running board area.  For the rear of the battalion chief vehicle there can be lights on the rear roof, in the rear windows, on the rear hatch and bumper, or in the rear tail lights.

Battalion Chief Equipment

Battalion chief equipment carried in the battalion chief conversions depends on the mission of the vehicle.  The vehicle could carry fire extinguishers, SCBA self contained breathing apparatus, thermal imaging camera, air gas meter, and command accountability boards.  Some of this equipment can be mounted in a custom command cabinet in the rear of the vehicle.

Battalion Chief Graphics

The battalion chief graphics are used to tell the pubic the use of the vehicle as well as for other fire fighters at an emergency scene to know where a ranking officer is located.  These graphics can be reflective on the sides or rear and include a rear chevron.


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