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Emergency Vehicle Conversions Options

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Emergency Vehicle Conversions Options

Emergency Vehicle Conversions Options

Emergency Vehicle Conversions Options

You can find different emergency vehicle conversion options for custom fire command, law enforcement and medical unit equipment cabinets, including ALS, advanced life support, medical transport and patient transportation.

Options available for these temperature controlled biomedical storage cabinets include: shoreline, kussmaul auto-eject, engine alternator or back up battery power, and is available in a variety of sizes and layouts to meet your specific cabinetry design and equipment requirements.

High power electrical systems for distribution, generation and management systems, featuring colored coded wiring harnesses, to keep your responder in a response-ready mode at all times.

There are a large variety of custom graphics and striping options. Also available are aftermarket options and accessories like running boards, grille guards, winches, bumpers, visors, and flashlights to maximize the usefulness and appearance of your emergency conversion vehicle.

Also Emergency Vehicle Conversions Options available for you are custom control consoles to hold your radio communication equipment as well as siren and lighting controllers, portable radio chargers, portable gas meter chargers, map lights, lap top computer mounts and cup and beverage holders.

There is a full range of audible and visual warning system possibilities for your siren and lighting options, including products from Whelen Engineering, Feniex, Code 3, SoundOff Signal and Federal Signal to complete your emergency vehicle package.  This companies offer light bar, grille lights, fog lights, intersection lights, running board lights, dash lights, deck lights, interior light bars, directional arrows, command lights, trunk lights, hatch lights, bumper lights, and license plate lights.

External Emergency Vehicle Conversions Options

For rescue and vehicle recover operations you can have a winch mounted to the front of the vehicle.  The winch can be mounted to a winch mount, grille guard, or to a winch mounted replacement bumper.  The replacement bumpers can be added to your vehicle for looks or for extra body protection from off-roading or wild animals.


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    Emergency Service Vehicle Conversions and Cabinet Systems

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