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Emergency Medical

Medical & EMS Vehicle Conversions

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Emergency Medical Conversions

Emergency Medical Conversions

Medical & EMS Vehicle Conversions

Emergency Medical Services have special needs which can include storage compartments with adjustable shelves and Electrical temperature controlled Storage Compartments with Covers as well as Radio communications. Most paramedic, Emergency Medical (EMS), Advanced Life Support ( ALS ) and Ambulance Services have temperature controlled cabinet systems. Converting a standard SUV into a Medical & EMS Vehicle conversions is a process which is comprised of several factors.  These factors can be budget, needs of the public, and services agencies are capable to provide.

Sports Utility Emergency Medical Conversions

Upfitting a standard Sports Utility Vehicle is a job for professional vehicle conversions companies who specialize in theses types of vehicle conversions.  These vehicle can be constructed to meet the needs of your mission and can have graphics added to display your department or municipality.

Sports Utility Medical & EMS Vehicle Conversions

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  • Chevy Suburban
  • Chevy Tahoe
  • Ford Explorer
  • Ford Interceptor
  • Dodge Durango
  • Ford Interceptor Utility

Exterior Options For Emergency Medical Conversions

  • Exterior Lighting and Siren Control
  • Communication options like Antennas and Satellite Dishes
  • Power Options like Shore Lines
  • Push Bumpers and Power Winches
  • Light Towers
  • Video and Audio surveillance is also available – if needed
  • Graphics and safety rear chevron
  • Medical & EMS Vehicle conversions

Patient Transport Cabinets

EMS Transport Cabinets

EMS Transport Cabinets

Emergency Medical Cabinet systems for ALS, EMS and paramedic companies can include patient transport areas to allow the immediate transport of the patient out of danger to a proper transport vehicle – like and Type I, Type II or Type III ambulance. Cabinet systems that can provide transport space for patients are common in the industry but it is important that your department keeps in mind some of the following factors for your Medical & EMS Vehicle conversions.


  • Exterior lighting for night time rescues
  • Under the compartment storage for your stretchers
  • Open compartments for fast access storage
    • Secure Harnesses to secure stored equipment in cubbies.
  • Overhead Lights in rear hatch
  • Power Outlets for emergency Equipment

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    Emergency Service Vehicle Conversions and Cabinet Systems

    Emergency Service Vehicle Conversions and Cabinet Systems

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