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Emergency Service SUV Conversions

Emergency Services SUV Conversions

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Emergency Services SUV Conversions

Emergency Services SUV Conversions are a major sector in the Emergency Services Industry. In the past, sedans were the most common Law Enforcement Vehicle but lately with the raise of the Sports Utility Vehicle it has become much more common and almost every department in the country has an SUV in its fleet. When buying and SUV and upfitting it for Emergency Service it takes a professional Up-fitter and someone who understands the equipment list that goes into to creating an emergency services vehicle.

emergency services vehicle conversions

emergency services vehicle conversions

Types of Emergency Services SUV Conversions

There are many types of Emergency Services SUV conversions. Below is a list of just a few common mission that Sports Utility Vehicles are used when creating an Emergency Services Vehicle. Most Sports commercial Sports Utility Vehicles like Dodge Durango and Ford Explorers can be converted to Emergency Service Vehicles but there are some like the Ford Police Interceptor that are built specifically for the job of Law Enforcement.

  • Emergency Medical / Advanced Life Support
    • Patient Transport
  • Fire and Rescue
    • Fire Chief Vehicles
    • Battalion Chief Vehicles
    • Fire Investigation Vehicles
    • Water Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
    • Community Patrol
    • Highway Patrol
  • Crime Scene Investigations

Emergency Medical Vehicle Conversions

Emergency medical is slightly different fro the other service sectors with regards to the types of cabinet systems they need to perform their duty’s.  They need a place to store their equipment for all kinds of medical emergencies and many times have to transport patients and administer medications.  These require special cabinet systems that allow for the transport of patient and / or keep medication at a stable temperature.

Emergency Services / Law Enforcement Cabinets

Emergency Services and Law enforcement cabinets are usually thought of as cabinets being used by local police departments for emergency services, Sedan and SUV conversions. These cabinets range from a simple one drawer weapons locker to a full sized command cabinets. These cabinet systems can be used for many types of mission including Emergency Medical and Fire and Rescue. For Law Enforcement – they can used command boards and files draws but they also use weapons lockers.

Law Enforcement Weapons Lockers

Law Enforcement have to safely and securely transport weapons and ammunition and the best way to do that is with a weapons locker built specifically for the job. These types of drawer systems will only vary slightly depending on the particular vehicle it is going in. Most are full width of the back cab or trunk but these systems can be changed to store the weapons long ways when Some vehicles require a platform or mounting brackets when installing a cabinet and some vehicles do not.

A command cabinet system has many more components in it than a single drawer unit. A command cabinet system has a command board and plenty of storage for equipment and other incidentals. Some command cabinets can include a weapons drawer if the customer specs require such. The beauty of a cabinet system is that it can be as custom as you want or as simple and standard as you want.


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    Emergency Service Vehicle Conversions and Cabinet Systems

    Emergency Service Vehicle Conversions and Cabinet Systems

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