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Fire Chief Vehicle Conversions

Fire Chief vehicle

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Fire Chief vehicle

fire chief vehicle

fire chief vehicle

Fire chief vehicle vary across the country and around the world.  These custom emergency response specialty rescue vehicles can be used as an initial attack and scene evaluation vehicle.  The fire chief, deputy chief, or battalion chief can operate this vehicle and be incident commander.  These vehicles can carry a wide array of equipment depending on the response of the vehicle.

Fire Chief Vehicle Mission

The fire chief vehicle mission is dependent on how the officer uses the vehicle.  Some fire departments will use this vehicle to carry the lead officer and his equipment to accomplish his job.  This could be to respond to emergencies, inspect and evaluate large incidents, be incident commander at large emergency responses.

Fire Chief Sedan

The fire chief sedan is a good choice for an agency emergency response vehicle for areas that don’t need to carry a lot of equipment, do not need to go off road, and are not used in snow and icy weather.  These fire chief vehicle are cost effective for the chassis as well as the fuel usage.

Fire Chief SUV

The fire chief SUV is an emergency response vehicle that is based on an SUV platform.  These custom specialty fire chief vehicle can carry more equipment than a sedan and can be used on more terrains.  These vehicles can hold a custom vehicle cabinet in the rear to organize your mission critical equipment.

Fire Chief Pickup

fire chief vehicle

fire chief vehicle

The fire chief pickup is good for an incident commander vehicle that needs to carry a lot of equipment.  This is a heavy duty rescue vehicle with a cap on the back can hold a lot of mission critical equipment as well as a command cabinet.

Fire Chief Utility

A fire chief utility is good for a fire chief that needs to carry a lot of equipment.  This vehicle can carry a wide range of equipment from extinguishers, SCBAs, extrication equipment, and other more technical equipment that would not fit in a pickup.

Fire Chief POV

The fire chief pov is a personally owned vehicle that is used by the fire chief to respond to emergency scenes.  This could be any type of vehicle that is used by the chief with at least one emergency light added to the vehicle.  This vehicle can have a light bar, head light and or tail light flashers, dash lights, grill lights, a traffic adviser, or a siren also installed in the vehicle.

Fire Chief vehicle equipment

When the fire chief vehicle equipment is chosen, it can vary depending on the use and needs of the department.  The carried equipment can be an mdt mobile laptop computer, scba, self contained breathing apparatus, thermal imaging camera and gas meter as well as PPE personal protective equipment like turn out bunker gear.

Fire Chief vehicle lights

For an emergency, fire chief vehicle lights can include a light bar, interior windshield light bar, grille lights, head light leds, head light wigwag flashers, intersection lights, fender lights, running board lights, dash light, as well as tail light flasher, trunk or hatch lights, and a command light on the roof.


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