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Law Enforcement Conversion Vehicles

Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement Conversion Vehicles



Police and law enforcement professionals who are in the market for a conversion vehicle need to evaluate their options. Their mission specific vehicles are constructed based on the mission they are looking to accomplish  and the vehicle type that they have to work with. Mission can range from SWAT (Special Weapons Attack Team) to Patrol and Community outreach. Each mission requiring an unfitted vehicle.

  • Cabinet Systems: Cabinet Systems for Law Enforcement can be front consoles which are used to house controls for lights and sirens and possibly gun racks.
  • Lights:
  • Sirens:
  • Radios:
  • Electrical:
  • Graphics: Emergency graphics allow you vehicle to be seen

Types of Vehicle Chassis for Law Enforcement

  • Sedans: Law Enforcement Sedans are used from patrol cars as well as Captain vehicle conversions
  • SUV: Law Enforcement Sports Utility Conversions are the common emergency conversions that are done.  They can be for SWAT, Strike Force, Community and Highway Patrol and well as Crime scene investigation.
  • Utility:
  • Van:
  • Pickup:

Types of Law Enforcement Missions

  • Community Patrol:
  • Highway Patrol:
  • Undercover Patrol:
  • Undercover Investigations:
  • Crime Scene Investigations:
  • Bomb Squad:

Law Enforcement has many mission types and the vehicles are typically and essential part of the mission. They provide not just transportation but also communications and warning to the general public during an emergency. They can hold equipment or weapons… the options are vast and the choices are up to you and your department.

Law Enforcement Cabinet Systems

A law enforcement cabinet system is an essential component of a total police conversion. There are many different cabinet systems to choose from as well as many different cabinet manufacturers to choose from. One of the most popular cabinet systems for a law enforcement agency is a command cabinet. This type of cabinet consists of a command board which could be either plexi glass or a dry erase board or a white board. The command board can either be standard flat or a tilt up easel. A command cabinet also comes with organizational compartments and drawers and places to put gear and equipment.

The other very popular law enforcement cabinet is a weapons locker. The purpose of this cabinet is to store, transport and keep secure any and all weapons used by a police dept. A weapons locker is usually a single drawer unit with a combo lock, but a custom cabinet manufacturer can build storage drawers, compartments etc upon request.


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    Emergency Service Vehicle Conversions and Cabinet Systems

    Emergency Service Vehicle Conversions and Cabinet Systems

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