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Mini Light Bars

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Mini Light Bars

There are many types and levels of Mini Light Bars.  These mini light bars can have halogen, strobe or LED modules.  They can be permanent or temporarily mounted. They can be magnetic mount or suction cup mounted temporarily.  They can be bolted to a roof.  They can be permanently mounted to a Acari 3rd third brake light mount without putting a hole in the roof.  This will also work for Ford aluminum chassis that cannot have magnetic mounts on the roof.  They can be permanently mounted to a backrack back rack headache bar in the back of a pickup.  They can be used on custom rescue and emergency response vehicles or on the responders POV personally owned vehicles.  These light bars can be used on the rear of a longer emergency vehicle where the front light bar may not be seen from the rear.

Whelen Engineering mini light bars

  • Century mini lightbar light bar
  • Mini Legacy lightbar light bar
  • Mini Liberty lightbar light bar
  • Mini Freedom lightbar light bar
  • Mini Justice mini light bars
  • Responder LP Duo mini light bars
  • Mini Edge mini light bars


  • nForce mini light bars
  • Pinnacle mini lightbar light bar
  • LED3 mini lightbar light bar
  • Dual Rotator mini lightbar light bar


Federal Signal

  • HighLighter mini lightbar light bar
  • Mini-JetSolaris lightbar light bar
  • TurboBeam lightbar light bar


mini light bars

mini light bars

  • Apollo Mini lightbar light bar
  • Cobra Mini lightbar light bar

Mini light bars can have take down lights, alley lights, or mini directional arrows.  They can be single color, dual duo color or treo tri triple colored.  These can be dual purpose for plowing and emergency volunteer response.  This can also work for town employees that are also volunteers for local emergency services.  Feniex, Federal Signal, SoundOff and Whelen mini light bars.


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