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utility vehicle conversions

Utility Vehicle Conversions

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Utility Vehicle Conversions

Utility Vehicle Conversions can be built on cab and chassis or pickup truck with bed delete vehicles.  These custom emergency response vehicles can be used for police, fire department, EMS, HAZMAT, and other response agencies.  These vehicles are good for low cost vehicles that can handle a variety of situations with the large amount of storage and are easy to drive.

Utility Chassis

Utility Vehicle Conversions can be mounted onto a variety of truck chassis.  These can be a standard cab, extended cab or crew cab passenger area.  This can give you seating for two to six passengers in the vehicle.  The wheel base can then be short or long to give you a short or long utility body.  You can also chose from standard rear wheels or dual rear wheels for more weight capacity.

Enclosed utility body

Utility Vehicle Conversions

Utility Vehicle Conversions

The utility body of the utility chassis can be enclosed with a soft removable top, a hard sliding top, or a hard fixed enclosure.  Depending on your budget and size of equipment that you need to carry will help you chose what size utility body you will need.

Open utility body

An open utility body is good for departments that will use the open large section of the utility body to transport equipment that is not sensitive to the elements.  This can also be useful for bringing dirty equipment back to your head quarters or station to clean after an incident.

Utility Vehicle Cabinet Systems

You can store equipment in the back seat area of the cab or in the bed area of the utility body with a custom vehicle cabinet system.

Side door cabinet

The side door cabinet system is good to organize equipment in the back seat area to keep it secure and prevent damage.  You can mount rechargeable equipment like flash lights and portable radios as well as turn out gear or medical equipment in this area.

Truck bed slide out

It the back of the Utility vehicle you can mount a truck bed slide out system to make access to the rear of an enclosed bed system easier.


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    Emergency Service Vehicle Conversions and Cabinet Systems

    Emergency Service Vehicle Conversions and Cabinet Systems

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