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Temperature controlled cabinets

Temperature controlled cabinets

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Temperature controlled cabinets

There are many different systems of temperature controlled cabinets for emergency vehicles, but some are definitely better than others. We would like to go over some of these types and if you would like to chime in on these system we encourage you to do so. Some companies offer their own systems and some companies purchase kits for systems and build them into their own cabinet systems and others buy a completed system and add it to the cabinet system. No matter which way your emergency cabinet manufacturer gets a temperature control unit, they are all one of two types of systems.

  1. Solid State Systems
  2. Mechanical Systems

Solid state is used more in emergency medical industries and commercial industries.

Solid State Systems

Most emergency services cabinet manufacturers use the solid state cooling system to manage the temperature inside a cabinet system. This particular system uses a thermoelectric device which uses electrons to transfer heat instead using a compressor like in a mechanical system. The solid state system does not use any refrigerants and there are not moving parts. We have found many different companies that manufacture these cooling systems, but the one that we like the best is called PharmGuard®. This temperature control system is a solid state system for controlling the temperature of insulated medical cabinets mostly used by EMS for the storage of drugs. We found this system available at Pugs Cabinet Systems.


Mechanical Systems

A mechanical temperature control system is a system that controls temperature by

How do Temperature controlled cabinets Work


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